30 delegates and over 120 participants in the online format of the forum "Investing in Sustainable Energy", which took place on May 19, 2021 in Sofia, united around the thesis that energy efficiency continues to be a leading political priority in Bulgaria and Europe. , but the quality of support programs and investment projects themselves needs to be significantly improved in order to maintain and increase public trust and support.

The event was organized within the SMAFIN project under the Horizon 2020 program, and with its and the parallel BeSMART project assistance in the next 3 years in different cities in Bulgaria will be organized 12 round tables on "Investing in sustainable energy". The aim of the projects is to create a permanent platform for stakeholder participation in the development, implementation and monitoring of programs and instruments for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in all economic sectors, with a special focus on building renovation.

The Municipality of Gabrovo also took part in the parallel sessions, presenting the opportunities for improving the quality of public procurement for construction and the inclusion of sustainable criteria and training of workers.

Participants of the forum were:

- Representatives of the executive and local authorities

- Financing institutions

- Branch chambers, industrial, commercial and professional associations and unions

- Providers of professional services in the construction sector

- Manufacturers and suppliers of construction products and materials

- Universities and research centers

- NGOs, energy agencies, local government networks

- Energy consultants

- Energy suppliers

- Foreign lecturers at expert level