Association CSEG took an active part in the annual conference “Smart cities and regions in action” on the 29th of November 2021, organized in the town of Velingrad, Bulgaria.

There were 36 people attending the conference physically, and 75 people attending online. Participants were representatives of: local/regional administrations, energy agencies, NGOs, public and state administrations, researchers, civil organizations, etc.

Mr. Georgi Simeonov presented GPP-STREAM during a specific session dedicated to projects and initiatives which tackle issues on protection of environment and resource efficiency. Mr. Simeonov presented the main project products like GPP toolkits and best practices and also presented activities and progress of the Action Plan which is being currently implemented by partner CSEG. Municipality of Gabrovo was also present on this conference and took an active part during the discussions session related to green public procurement in Bulgaria, explaining the main barriers which face local administration in the larger deployment of GPP in their tenders.

Video of Mr. Simeonov’s presentation: