The GPP-STREAM kick-off meeting was held on 28-29-30 November 2017, in Trieste, Italy, marking the beginning of the four-year INTERREG Europe funded project. The host partner was the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, who is also the Lead partner of the project. All nine project partners have been represented by their representatives.

The meeting was organised in sessions, during which participants delivered presentations addressing all aspects of the planned activities foreseen by the GPP-STREAM Application Form. At the end of each session, active discussion took place, enabling participants to achieve a common understanding of the key issues and shape an action list of the work to be completed during the second semester of the project.

The meeting provided also a very good opportunity to meet the partnership with Italian stakeholders, especially policy instruments beneficiaries, and to share best practices from Italy in the field of green public procurement and related to the integration of sustainability principles in the management of EU funds and rural development plans.

Link to the official Report from the Event