The First stakeholder meeting within GPP-STREAM project of PP7-CSEG was organized on the 24th of October 2018 in the administrative building of Pazardzhik Municipality at 2 Balgaria Bld, Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

Main participants of the event were representatives of public authorities (mainly municipalities from Pazardzhik Province), representatives of SMEs, and civil organizations.

Mr. Simeonov /CSEG/ presented the project in front of the participants. There were short introductions about green activities from other municipal representatives like Pazardzhik municipality, and the modification of their Energy efficiency programme with the purpose to take into account the green public procurement when organizing tenders for energy saving equipment and services. There was a discussion session dedicated to the possibilities to integrate environmental criteria into the local by-laws which has to be developed and regularly updated by the local authorities in South Central region of Bulgaria.