A stakeholder meeting was held in the building of Pazardzhik municipality on the 27th of February. Mr. Simeonov presented the current state of the project, its achievements mainly related to the identified best GPP practices from project partners and GPP toolkits which are being developed within the project. Mrs. Tatyana Kurtakova, an expert in Association CSEG, made a presentation of the measures which could be integrated into the Regional Action Plan in order to foster the larger deployment of green purchases among public authorities. The meeting was visited by local and regional stakeholders like: representatives of municipalities, regional environmental directorate, SMEs representatives, and NGOs which operate in the field of environmental initiatives.

This time, the focus of the event was to initiate a discussion with regional stakeholders on potential activities which could be of added value to the region by “greening” the public purchases of goods and services. During the discussion session, some interesting statements and feedback was collected by participants – they highlighted the need of communication campaign which aim to increase awareness and capacity on this specific topic, as well as the need to develop detailed and customized local bylaws which will integrate the concept of GPP and by this way contribute to the strategic environmental objectives set at the national level.