27th April 2020.

• Video- conference (stakeholder meeting) between MANRA and the Environmental Education Center in Valencian Region (CEACV).

• Participants”. Anna Pons (manager of CEACV), Serafin Huertas (technician of the CEACV), Andrea Garcia and Victor Rey (MANRA).

The Mancomunitat de la Ribera Alta participates in the GPP-Stream Interreg Europe 2018 - 2022 project. Both entities show their will to stablish a collaboration in environmental education in the frame of GPP Stream. In one side, MANRA could collaborate faciliting to CEACV with high quality tools as guidelines, instructions, manuals,... generated in the GPP-Stream Project. The documents will be translated and adapted for dissemination in the CEACV regional network (webiste, newsletter, events). These documents could also be a source of inspiration for the training programs (courses, conferences, workshops) held by CEACV.

On the other part, CEACV has an extensive experience in training (entities, business associations, public employees, teachers, technicians, citizens) and can take part as stakeholder in MANRA’s GPP Action Plan. Their experience in carbon footprint analyse and registration is a strenght.

Another point discussed at the meeting is the training of environmental educators (the figure of educators is included in the action plan and the CEACV). The CEACV is in contact with the Director of Climate Change in the Valencian Government, and will send herthe topics discussed in the meeting, interesting from the point of view of the framework of the Valencian strategy on climate change.