Ministry of Infrastructure and Digital Affairs of Saxony-Anhalt met with its stakeholder, TRANSROMANICA, in two sessions meeting to comprehensively revise the draft of the German Action Plan as well as to define the concrete actions it will address. Lucas Fenger, on behalf of the Ministry, and Annemarie Schmidt, representing TRANSROMANICA, attended the event.

From the work on these two days as well as the exchange with colleagues in the Ministry, two concrete actions for Saxony-Anhalt were defined. The first one aims at "Establishment of an innovative network for the discourse of the cultural heritage sites of the Route of the Romanesque", and the second action focuses on “the improvement of the cultural offer of the Schernebeck village church through the promotion of the construction of a bakehouse". Schernebeck is located in the Altmark region of Saxony-Anhalt and is a village close to the town of Tangerhütte.