NICHE final partners’ meeting took place in Rethymno, Crete, on 13th -14th  November 2019.  A successful cooperation is heading towards its completion after almost 4 years.
During the 2nd day of the meeting, the partners had the chance to experience part of a thematic route that was created in the frame of the Pilot Action of NICHE, tasting local products, weaving on a handloom and strolling around the  historic village of Argyroupolis.
As part of the implementation of the Pilot Action of Region of Crete, four (4) thematic routes were designed  with Cretan Gastronomy Centre (in Argyroupolis village) being their common  point of  reference, linking together agro-food, culture and tourism. The routes that include traditional wineries, taverns, bakeries, creameries, small and cottage industries of local food and olive oil mills are named as:
•    the route of The Mountain,
•    the route Of the Lake,
•    the route of The Sea and
•    the route of Taste.
Although NICHE ends by 31-3-2020, all partners expressed  their willingness to continue and build on their collaboration, either through a new project or another kind of common action in the field of agro food and innovation.