WSX ENTEPRISE One Stop Shop Action Plan Progress: Success 2 Start Up Tool Development Phase

Design & Development of a Pilot ‘Start-Up App’ – developing innovative ways to support first level start-ups in the 21st Century

Informed by our own research where we were unable to find a ‘real live working’ version of a start-up app in the UK and inspired by innovative digital support projects and practice presented by our OSS partners, our action plan focuses on the development and pilot of a Start-Up App.

Deciding to develop a small-scale pilot incorporating some of the methodology, features, and digital aspects of our Norwegian partners best practice platform, (albeit with a limited budget but lots of enthusiasm!), a cross programme/internal project team was set up to implement the project.  

Tasked with creating a spec and working alongside an external expert to develop and test a pilot, the start-up tool, ‘Success2Startup’ was launched in July.   Subject to a ‘soft launch’ at this stage whilst undergoing further testing and development, the app is viewed as a hybrid delivery tool at the moment.
The tool takes budding entrepreneurs on a journey in 5 steps starting with asking the question: Startup: ‘Is it for me?’ through to planning, attracting customers, finances, and legal matters. Each step also features a host of useful online resources and tools. These include integrated business planning forms, factsheets for additional reading, calculators for working out finances, and product price calculations with additional resources planned for future ‘upgrades’.  
Supporting wider audiences
With learning, experience and expertise gathered from programmes like our highly successful  Inspiring Enterprise  programme funded  by the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund,  WSX Enterprise have supported many people over the years.  Kick started by ideas and learning from the OSS programme, this tool will add another dimension to the support we’re able to provide. Not only will it make it possible for more people to start a business with expert guidance, but the start-up app will also appeal to wider audiences who might want to work on their plans online, - and in their own time.
The tool will also mean that first line support advisers will also be able to follow participants’ progress and give feedback on our participants’ plans.
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