Crowdfunding for Social Economy

Is crowdfunding good for Social Economy?

As you already know, Polish Partner of the OSS Project, is in the process of implementtaion of the Pilot ction which aim is to check whether crowdfunding is a good source for obtaining funds for running activity in the area o Social Economy. The implemtation of this Pilot Action is planned to be finished at the end of November 2022. Fingers crossed for its succes, however now it's time to share with you some news about the ongoing process of is implementation.

On 31 May 2022 we had run the last training session in the subject of crowdfunding. 

These trainings were run in the period 30 March 2022 - 31 My 2022 nd it was really important time for the lucky ones who could attend these training sessions. During these sessions, participants had a chance to learn the most important elements of crowdfunding and gain relevant knowledge that would be used in the further steps of our Pilot Action. As some of you already know, for this Pilot Action, Polish Partner angaged additional Partner from Poland - Regional Centre for Social Policy in Rzeszow. 

During these sessions participants were gaining knowledge in the subject of running of crowdfundng campaign, importance of marketing activities, how to prepare good ampaign that has a chance to be succeed, as well as how to account the money gained through the campaign. 

That traing as run by one of the best Polish crowdfunding experts - Agnieszka Płoska. In this occassion, I would like to thank to our expert for such a successful time spent during the training and for sharing with us such a fruitful and important knowledge. Of course, it's not the end of our cooperation.

In the upcoming days, RRDA will open a call for the ideas in the area of Social Economy. The best ideas, chosen by experts, will get the support and will have a chance to run  crowdfunding campaign. More details will be shared ith you in the upcoming days,