The OSS final conference in Antwerpen

What's going to be next?

On 16-17 November we had run our Final Conference in Anwerpen. The event was organized by our PP7 from Belgium - Artesis Plantijn University College Anwerp. That is quite sad fact for us, at that seems that we're going to the end of our project implementation with really big steps. Next, and the last time we will meet in Poland soon.

However, now I would like to share with you some news on the final conference in Antwerp. As usual, that was the meeting full of important, and interesting facts that are helpful to us to finalize all project's activities. During the event, we have also the chace to host the representative of Interreg Europe Joint Secretary, who gave us the overview of the new Program perspective. 

It was really nice to hear about the changes that have been made in the partnership regions thanks to the project implementation. The results that we have achieved so far, made us feel proud that we still have  a chance to make the policies on our regions better.

During the event, we had a chance to present the status of implementation of all activities that we have planned in our action plans, as well as discuss the reporting rules.