The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Motril, it's a public law Corporation. The task of the Chamber is to represent and defend the general interests of the commerce, industry and navigation of Motril, acting as an advisory and collaborative body with the Public Administrations.

As a collaborative body, the Chamber provides public services to companies, processing programs and public aid, collaborating with the administration in the provision of Vocational Training, and ultimately, in the management of public-administrative functions whose ownership correspondss to the Public Administrations.


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In its private aspect,  the Chamber carries out advisory activities to entrepreneurs, consumer claims to SMEs and freelancers, documents necessary for export are legalized and processed. Management consulting, innovation, training services are made available to companies. Easily speaking, they carry out activities aimed at providing services to the companies and freelancers of their area.


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The Chamber of Commerce is managed by the governing bodies, democratically elected every four years, among the differen sectors of the city's economic activity.


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As an example of Good Practices for our Project - Women's Business Suport Program was presented during the meeting in Vratsa, Bulgaria. What is it about? They provide free advice support to all women who want to se5t up a business. The main goal of this activity is to reduce the gap within the number of male and female entrepreneurs. They want to achieve it by promoting sel-employment among women. Each year, they set a goal to advice more than 100 women and open at least 20 businesses.

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