Action 1

Title of action: Supporting the transformative power of Creative Industries on economy and society through a program called MATCH!

Brief description on what it is about:

MATCH! Is a collaborative program between the traditional and CCI sectors designed to improve competitiveness, strengthen R&D, boost innovative activities and prevent Brain Drain. IDM Südtirol started from the challenges that South Tyrol faces today, taking into consideration that the Creative Industries hold transformative power and can play a key role as economic innovator (cross-innovation). It was from this idea that MATCH! was born.

Who is involved/how is the stakeholder-cooperation?

MATCH! Is a project that brings together students from the creative sector (from the Free University of Bolzano – Faculty of Design and Arts) and companies from the “traditional” economy (SMEs), with the aim of developing innovative products, services and ideas. IDM Südtirol considers the stakeholder Unibz a hub for talent and a fundamental component of setting up future companies in the creative field.

Highlights and outstanding outcomes:

2018 - MATCH! #1 - furniture: 15 students, 6 companies, 16 new ideas

2019 - MATCH! #2 – New menu (topic: food-waste): 12 students, 8 companies, 11 ideas

2020 – MATCH! #3 – New Domestic escape: Planning continued on the MATCH! program in order to make sure that the traditional sectors of the economy understand the benefit and transformative power of CCIs. IDM Südtirol continued working together with the University of Bolzano – Faculty of Design and Arts The third edition of MATCH! officially started on 26.10. 2020. The project changed due to the Covid 19 emergency during the year both in mode (webinar) and content. Due to the current situation, it was decided to revise the "design scan" project initially planned and work instead on a topic useful for relaunching and rethinking the production of companies in the area after and during Covid-19: the future of the home, from all points of view. 30 students and 10 companies are currently participating in this edition.

The Report, in collaboration with Eurac research and Unibz, is a fundamental tool for all stakeholders to analyse the current situation of the CCi in South Tyrol and set up new projects and measures A new long-term collaboration between BASIS and the research institute Eurac has been consolidated in order to bring attention to the topic of creative industries in the territory both with possible common projects and through events, with a view also to possible European projects in the next phases.