Action 1

Title of action: Creation of a CCI incubator inside the Creative Hub of Charleroi

Brief description on what it is about:

Based on the Riga inspiration, The Creative Hub of Charleroi Metropole (Hub-C) will develop a CCI incubator inside the creative hub in order to offer specific services for CCI entrepreneurs. As explained in the application form, this incubation system is unique in the Charleroi Métropole area. Two waves of incubations are planned each year, each bringing together around ten entrepreneurs and cultural and creative project leaders, developing their project (or wishing to do so).

The strength of this collective and individual support mechanism will lie in its content: as personalised as possible. It will include:

  •  a 360° diagnosis of the project,
  •  a day of creating links, with strong experiential value,
  •  workshops dedicated to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship,
  •  specific master classes,
  •  weekly individual follow-ups,
  •  inspiring events.

The incubation facility will be deployed in the Hub-C headquarters. A warm 400m² living space, designed to stimulate the emergence of ideas and animated by the complementarity of spaces dedicated to the different services of the Hub-C: creative spaces of incubation, exhibitions, conferences, manufacturing, etc. During the entire duration of the programme, residents will benefit from unlimited access to these spaces equipped with high-performance tools and will have the opportunity to meet residents and other experts.

Who is involved/how is the stakeholder-cooperation?

This project is lead by the Creative Hub of Charleroi Metropole (Hub-C) thanks to the ERDF funding.

Highlights and outstanding outcomes:

The first program of incubation will be launch in January 2021 with 10 projects. As in Riga, there will be two programs one for pre-incubation and one for incubation. We are very proud to be presented as a result in the publication 'When Europe cooperates, regions benefit' from the Interreg Europe program.