Region of Central Greece - Greece

On 16 June 2017, the Region of Sterea Ellada (Central Greece), held its first RCIA Local Stakeholder Group meeting in Lamia.

The process adopted for the appointment of representatives of the stakeholders is as follows: The Vice Governor of Development Planning, Entrepreneurship and Extroversion of the Region of Central Greece, Mr. Themis Cheimaras sent invitation letters to a wide range of organisations, asking them to appoint their representatives to participate in the activities of the Local Stakeholder Group, including attending project meetings and study visits, where direct exchange about CCI regional policies with the other partners and their own stakeholders is made possible by the project. Following the acceptance of the invitations and setting up the group of representatives, the meeting was held at the headquarters of the Region in Lamia.

The Local Stakeholders Group meeting was kicked-off by Mr. Themis Cheimaras who greeted the participants and proceeded with the introduction of the project and its main objectives. The stakeholders defined the main related issues in the region and developed ideas of actions for the policy improvement. They had the opportunity to discuss about the “good practice” examples shared by the partners from other European regions and they will participate to the next RCIA project meetings and study visits. Moreover, stakeholder involvement was analyzed and the relative contribution of each stakeholder was highlighted.

The meeting also served to review the outputs of the recent workshop held in Belgium, with an emphasis on those most relevant good practices with potential to be considered for the regional action plan of the Region of Sterea Ellada.

Finally, the members of the Local Stakeholder Group agreed to meet again in a few months (probably in September 2017) having in mind new ideas and proposals for exchange.