It happened - the first RCIA Staff Exchange!

Our South Tyrolian partner IDM Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries team visited AWS, the Lead Partner of RCIA, in Austria from 15th to 20th April for the first RCIA Staff Exchange!

The aim of this exchange was to gain a detailed insight in the development and implementation of the Austrian creative industry strategy and to additionally get to know regional players of the creative industry comparable with IDM.

The Staff Exchange started with IDM attending the RCIA Stakeholder Meeting of Austria on Monday 15th of April. Among other topics, the best practices of the South Tyrolean creative industry were exchanged and discussed together. In the evening they had a meeting in Bratislava with Lucia Dubacova, the director of the Sensorium Festival, a Festival to envision the future of art, design & performance and its impact on society.

On the second day, a meeting with Michaela Gutmann of KAT Kreativwirtschaft Austria took place. KAT wrote main parts of the Austrian Creative Industries strategy and thus had many inputs and tips for the development of the South Tyrolean creative economy strategy. This was followed by a discussion and exchange with Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör, who reported on services and strategic orientation of departure, a central contact point and hub for the creative industries and classical businesses in Vienna. In the evening, IDM talked with AWS about their work and details of the Austrian Creative Industries Strategy at a joint dinner with Christina Koch and Michael Hofegger who were responsible for the strategy at AWS.

The following day, a meeting took place with Bernd Zimmer from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, who was the responsible person at the ministry for composing the strategy. A few hours were dedicated to give a deep insight to the whole process of developing the Creative Industries strategy for Austria. Later they also discussed in detail the project design of the planned creative economy strategy for South Tyrol and collected inputs and feedback.

The IDM team travelled to Linz the day after to visit Patrick Bartos of Creative Region Linz, and were able to visit the We are so fat: Fashion and Technology event and got the chance to know other interesting partners at Ars Electronica.

The week was very interesting and successful for the IDM Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries as the various partners in Austria were able to provide significant input for the development of the South Tyrolean creative economy strategy.

Here is what we learned during this first staff exchange.

The RCIA team is looking forward to the next Staff Exchanges!