Last October partners from Austria, Italy (Sud Tyrol) and Barcelona congregated in Wallonia to gain valuable insights of good practices.

Creative hubs, Audiovisual fund, and tools for financing CCI’s were the focal points of the staff exchange.

A great opportunity to visit the Creative Hub of Liege and its fablab was given to us. . Thanks to the collaborative mindset of the creative hub of Liège, two external partners presented their own projects: Wallifornia Musich Tech from leansquare and the project of cross-innovation Impact from the Theater of Liège.

The visit was a huge success, as the Catalan team implemented a program based on the methodology of the fast and plug program from the creative hub of Liège.

As for Sowalfin and St’art, they presented tools to finance the SME’s,particularly the CCI’s. Loans, equities, and specific tools were the focal points of the presentation..

The participants were left with a clear-cut mentally embedded understanding of funds when Phillipe Reynaert from the Walloon Audiovisual fund Wallimage

The Creative Hub of Charleroi then presented their vision and mission to integrate into their national strategy.  

Two continuous days were allotted for the KIKK festival – a festival of digital and creative cultures (link). In those days, the participants had the opportunity to assist the conferences, art exhibition in the city of Namur and to get inspiration from the innovative projects shown at the KIKK market. It was surely a tremendous success! Participants were left with plenty of new ideas and got their entrepreneurial spirit on fire!

Dissemination event in Wallonia: a regional meeting with the different actors of open innovation.

On 14th of November, Wallonia organized its dissemination event co-organized by the Public Service of Wallonia, the Sowalfin and the Digital Agency.

Creative hubs such as fablabs, incubators, living labs and coworking spaces were invited to participate for an afternoon of inspiration, reflexion and networking.

The first session was comprised of a presentation of innovation platforms from two French researchers. A workshop that can help mutualize which services to reinforce for their respective communities was proposed.

Brochure containing the good practices were distributed, in hopes of it being source of inspiration for the participants. The Local Action Plan was also explained at the event. It was surely a great experience of co-organization and of inviting all these representatives at the same moment. It is for sure the first of a longer series.