What better environment to disseminate the European creative industries best practices and the perspectives for the next two years in the North-West Region of Romania than an inter-nation conference taking place in the heart of Transylvania. 

Transylvanian Clusters International Conference, TCIC 2019, reaching its fifth edition, was held on the 18-20th of September in Cluj Napoca, gathering hundreds of business & academia stakeholders from Europe, Asia, United States and Africa. The last edition mainly focused on the ecosystems generated by clusters, especially in the following sectors : IT, creative industries, furniture, agrofood and energy. Moreover, the host of the event was the Regional Excellence Center in Creative Industries, brand new wide infrastructure financed by ERDF and Cluj-Napoca Municipality.

A panel dedicated to creative business aimed to tackle the key challenges in the industry, together with representatives from Transylvania Industries Cluster, RCIA team from Creative Business Cup, North-West RDA team & stakeholders, experts in the field of impact of the creative products and urban cultural and creative environment.

The audience was introduced into various RCIA best practices, such as the importance of enforcing the strategic framework – the spill over effect of the regional/ national Cultural and Creative Strategies financing the support services within Creative Hubs & Incubators, Design Stations, complemented by networking and matchmaking programmes dedicated to connect the expertise of the creatives with the needs of the companies from other sectors, business related training programmes, but also funding schemes such as regional / national film funds and creative vouchers.

North-West Romania Regional Action Plan encloses measures related to services dedicated to cultural and creative industries, local film fund and creative vouchers meant to boost the transformative power of the ICC for the traditional sectors, the latter being subject to a further Pilot project.