The creative hubs policy is our instrument to address in this RCIA Interreg project. Thanks to the different learnings of the project, we would like to improve the model. The Walloon creative hubs were created in 2015. We should now evaluate the model to validate the success on the territory. It is one of our action of our Local Action Plan.

During the RCIA Policy Roundtable in Wallonia, we focused on four topics with the experts: governance, visibility, services and impact measurement. The evaluation of the creative hub program was highlighted as an essential challenge to demonstrate the added value of such an initiative.  

Two actions were realized to concretize this first action of our LAP : Evaluate the impact of the Creative hubs policy on the Walloon territory and build additional and complementary indicators.

1) A survey to the different creatives hubs to better understand how they project themselves in the future 

2) An independent evaluation which start in September 2019 and has just been finished in May 2020. The external provider has evaluated the different creative hubs and thanks to a cocreation work with the hubs proposed a set of new indicators.

Next step: Assimilate the inputs of the evaluation to propose a new model. Stay tuned, it will be the focus of our second action!