The Action Plan was built on the results of first phase of RCIA project including exchanging good practices, local stakeholders group meetings, and results of the community needs presented in the report. A local action plan is designed for 2-year term, and the implementation requires planned and coordinated activities in several areas. The final version of Local Action Plan was signed in May 2020, and it was approved by the Joint Secretariat in June 2020.

In case of City of Lublin, we have decided to implement five actions. One of them – voucher for creativeness – was approved as pilot program, which resulted in obtaining the additional funding. The voucher for creativeness is our flagship action. The aim is to stimulated and support the collaboration between creatives and SMEs. The Creative Voucher is a low-threshold grant worth up to € 2.500 that enables SME from all industries to use creative service within the framework of an innovation project. The idea was directly inspired by the Creative Voucher operated by the Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH, RCIA project leader. The City of Lublin will distribute 20 vouchers in autumn 2020.

Besides, the financial support there was a great need for networking. That is why in Local Action Plan there are two actions which support that idea. Establishing the CCI Advisory Board by the Mayor of Lublin, which is going to meet 2 – 4 times per year. The CCI Advisory Board in the City of Lublin is going to have two objectives. First of all, to give opinion and recommendation regarding the action towards CCI development planned to be incorporated to the policy instrument Long-Term Financial Projection. Secondly, to propose and recommend the activities or policy changes in that policy instrument. The inspiration for this action was taken from the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH, the RCIA Lead Partner.

The second action helping with integration and networking in Lublin is going to be CCI Platform established on official city website. Any repetitive of creative service providers will be able to announce its services or products on these website. The expected effect of this action is the increase the knowledge of potential investors, local business and individual customers on CCI. This was the lesson learnt from the Project Partner - IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige.

Additionally, in order to stimulate local business entities with the innovative development of their products and processes through the collaboration with the students at creative industries faculties the City of Lublin is going to implement program Match! This idea was directly inspired by the project MATCH!#1 developed by IDM Suedtirol/Alto Agige in the cooperation with Free University of Bozen (UNIBZ) Faculty of Design and Arts and South Tyrolean companies from different sectors. The students in cooperation with local companies will create new services, products or prototypes which could be implemented by this companies. These action should unlock the power of young representatives of Culture and Creative Industries in Lublin and make it available to other sectors of the local economy.

Last, but least the City of Lublin is going to monitor the level of support obtained by CCI representatives in the changed, due to RCIA project - regional policy: Regional Operational Programme 2014 – 2020 in the Axis 3: Competitiveness of enterprises, the action 3.4 Adaptation of Business Support Institutions offer to market needs. The policy was changed in the autumn 2018.

We are very grateful for all inspirations, suggestions and advices. That was great support. Now, we are very excited to implement our Local Action Plan and to see the results of our actions.