The 2nd interregional meeting between the Region of Central Macedonia and the Region of Lombardy was held online on October 21st with the scope to present the final results of the pilot in the framework of the RUMORE project. The pilot is dealing with the digitalization of the rice value chain in the Region of Central Macedonia, while is testing the plan for the development of a Digital Innovation Hub in the Agri-Food sector through field research and traceability blockchain-based application. During the 2nd interregional meeting, the partners of the pilot (Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia - RDFCM, ELGO-DEMETER, and Centre for Research and Technology Hellas - CERTH) shared their experiences, knowledge, and vision with stakeholders from the two Regions (rice association and rice growers, etc).

After a very interesting and fruitful discussion concerning the added value from the provision of digital services in the rice value chain (blockchain, digital traceability, etc.), the stakeholders from the two Regions seriously consider continuing the interregional cooperation in the near future in order to prepare a common strategic framework concerning the rice agro-sector in the two Regions and possibly in the European Union (EU rice), since the two Regions produce more than 50% of the total European rice.