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WaVE partner meeting postponed to June


The planned waVE partnermeeting which was supposed to be held in Aarhus (DK) has...

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IKES Methodology


This document describes the Methodology for Interregional Knowledge Exchange...

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First LSG meeting - Ravenna


Stakeholders met to share ideas and experiences related to the enhancement of...

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First LSG meeting - Aarhus


In the beginning of February 2020 Aarhus City Archives hosted three “Local...

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First LSG meeting - Ister-Granum EGTC


The Ister-Granum Euroregion's stakeholders met for the first time. Read more.

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First LSG-meeting in Breda


On February 3, 2020, the first LSG-meeting in Breda (NL) took place.

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Return of the water in the inner city of Breda


[WaVE Tales / 1] Discover the relationship between the city of Breda and water...

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Regional Status Quo Methodology


This document describes the Methodology for Regional Status Quo (RSQ) and Good...

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Breda revalues water-related heritage


The polder north of Breda (NL) is a wet, swampy area. Breda has started the...

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Methodology for the engagement of stakeholders


A paper outlining the methodological framework for engaging stakeholders in the...

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The European Project WaVE starts in Breda


5 countries to develop an innovative and systemic approach for water-related...

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WaVE project kicks off in Breda (NL)


The EU-project WaVE officialy kicked off with a 3 day event from September 25 –...

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