A stakeholders meeting organized by OIR POSDRU Bucharest-Ilfov, on the importance of assessing the digital skills of employees in SMEs / of the digital maturity of SMEs in the broad process of digital transformation, was held the January 26th.

The objective of the event, which took place in hybrid format, with physical presence and online, was to inform the project stakeholders and those interested about the status of the activities and about the next steps that will be taken.


Stakeholders and project partners, representatives of the public and private environment, participated in the debate, including:

  • Marius Hărătau- CEO Factory 4.0
  • Ștefan Grigore- Cluster IT Smart Alliance
  • Ligia Neacșu- General Manager Best Smart Consulting
  • Hanife Catalbaș, Cătălin Renghea and Codruț Cîrligeanu - consultants at Public Affairs Solutions
  • Cosmin Șerbănescu - President of the National Institute of Internal Control
  • Dragoș Iorga - Executive Director of OIR POSDRU BI
  • representatives of important national clusters and DIHs
  • other consultants and environmental representatives public and private.

The two action plans proposed in the project were presented, namely:

  1. Introduction of new evaluation criteria that supports the acquisition of domain I4.0 by SMEs, within the Operational Program for Human Capital Development<tcxspan tcxhref="20142020" title="Call 2014-2020, via 3CX"> 2014-2020,</tcxspan> more precisely the POCU Operational Program 3.12 Digital skills for employees in SMEs.
  2. Promoting a tool for assessing digital skills for SME employees, its objective being the easy access of all SMEs in Romania to this tool.

This was followed by a group discussion, centered around two important questions:

  • In what current public policies can we make this proposal?
  • What main ideas should we keep in mind when writing this proposal?

Valuable ideas were generated, which will be further analyzed in the project "Strengthening the capacity of SMEs to adapt to the Industrial Revolution 4.0"