Within the project context, OIR PECU Bucharest-Ilfov organised a workshop on June 15, 2022, with the aim of disseminating and promoting the results of the 40Ready project.

The participants in this last meeting with stakeholders and project partners, were representatives of the public and private environment, including:

  • Andreea Paul - President of Smart Lab INACO
  • Manuela Catrina - ISD Executive Director
  • Ana Adumitroaei - ADR Bucharest - Ilfov
  • Cristian Cosmin- Deputy General Manager FNGCIMM
  • Bogdan Patru- Government Engagement Lead Romania and Croatia
  • Marius Hărătau- CEO Factory 4.0
  • Ștefan Grigore- IT Smart Alliance Cluster
  • Constantin Magdalina- Valoria
  • Cătălin Renghea - Senior Consultant Public Affairs Solutions
  • Cosmin Șerbănescu- President National Institute of Internal Control
  • Răzvan Cotovelea- Lecturer Univ. Dr SNSPA
  • Silviu Ancuța - Deputy Executive Director of OIR PECU BI
  • Dragoș Iorga - Executive Director of OIR PECU BI
  • other consultants and representatives of the public and private environment.

The proposed action plan for the project, which has already been approved by the European Commission and will be implemented and monitored, was presented. Among the most important monitoring activities we mention:

  • Organizing meetings and consultations with decision-makers: POCU Managing Authority, Ministry of European Investments and Projects
  • Strengthening the stakeholder network
  • Conduct a survey for project beneficiaries on the state of implementation of digital skills development programs for their employees

The performance indicators refer to the total number of approved grants that received a score in point 2.5 and to the number of employees in SMEs that will follow digital skills development programs, with expectations for both aspects being 80%.

The event ended with a discussion organized in groups of participants, centered around two important questions:

  1. In what future projects can we collaborate?
  2. What other public policies can we influence?

The final conclusion can be summarized by the fact that stakeholders have shown a continuing interest in the subject of digital transformation and have expressed their support for continuing the effort to improve public policies.