In the project context of the 40Ready project, aimed at understanding the needs of SMEs in terms of digital skills and maturity in order to better support the business landscape in preparing for I4.0, on March 8, project partners were invited to participate in a virtual meeting, sponsored by the European Social Fund Agency (ESFA), with representatives of Manufacturing Innovation Valley (Lithuania).

The company, a member of the Advanced Manufacturing Digital Innovation Hub (AM DIH) registered in the DIH database of the European Commission, offers a wide range of technologies and innovations and provides consulting in innovative areas related to multiple types of business.

The Manufacturing Innovation Valley has a digital innovation center, a business incubator and an accelerator. It provides the equipment and infrastructure needed for a small and medium-sized manufacturing company, start-up, individual researcher, research and development (R&D) or scientific institution. It also represents a reference point for European and Lithuanian Digital Innovation Centers (DICs).

The virtual meeting was intended to share knowledge and expertise in the implementation of digitization services in enterprises, in the implementation of other services in the Valley.

Here below some pictures of the event: