In 2021, installations for self-consumption have grown 85% compared to the previous year, and the residential sector accounts for 22% of this total. The high prices of electricity have untapped investments in self-consumption given the significant economic savings that it generates.

The variations in the energy market and the significant price increase have been a key factor to facilitate the decision taken by citizens and companies to choose electric self-consumption. During 2021, consumers installed 1.150 MW of photovoltaic power to cover their direct needs of electricity.

The public subsidies available in each region foresee a rising trend in new installations of this kind. They will positively affect the residential and industrial sector. The publication of the Royal Decree-law 29/2021 and of the Self-consumption Roadmap by the Ministry for Ecological Transition helps integrate the concept of self-consumption in society, sets the target to be reached by 20230 (9 GW). There are currently 2,5 GW of installed power.

Further growth could be achieved by standardizing regulations, simplifying administrative procedures, meeting the deadlines or extending the current 500 metres limit for shared self-consumption.