On June 14th 2022 ENERSELVES' final conference was held in Karlskrona. The conference was arranged by Energikontor Sydost within the ENERSELVES project.

The conference aimed to discuss the development of renewable energy in buildings. During the event, the participants shared lessons learned, knowledge and tools with each other. Moreover, stakeholders from the different regions were invited to speak and share their experiences, in order to be inspired by each other.

Extremadura´s region:

Iberdrola company talked about how they establish systems and legislation that allow the sharing and distribution of energy produced by adjacent buildings.

North-East Regional Development Agency in Romania:

Simona Gheorghiasa presented how the North-East ROP program will fund measures to make their region more sustainable and environmentally friendly, including supporting investment in housing and public buildings to increase energy efficiency and implement cost-cutting measures.


Noel Formosa, the mayor of Gozo, provided an inspiring speech about the importance of working together as well as showed how they work with their public engagement in a bottom-up approach.

LAZIO´s region:

Professor Fabrizio Cumo talked about their modelling and change efforts for energy efficiency and the use of social panels in social housing building

Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden:

"Energy Cooperation Blekinge" is a practical regional tool that provides good support for project managers to carry out projects with sustainable construction.

“Expo Karlskrona”, a public-private partnership to create a more sustainable future that aims to build a platform for bringing together sustainable solutions for the next generation of housing by "2025".

The study visits provide ideas for new projects:

- SOLCEL PARK in Lyckeby

- BJÖRKETORP GÅRD – Solar panels, biogas and agrovolaics

- GIRAFFEN – Eco Charging and bike pool