On July 18, 2022, the Lazio Region organized the dissemination event called "Energy efficiency of public residential buildings: guidelines, case studies, support actions through open innovation".

The in-depth day on the topic related to the energy efficiency of buildings was organized in collaboration with the Department of Architecture of the Sapienza University of Rome, which also hosted the event at its prestigious headquarters.

The event was addressed in particular to the students of the Faculty of Architecture, in order to raise awareness of such as an extremely relevant issue in terms of energy saving and the more sustainable development of our cities.

Speakers were the architect Manuela Manetti, Director of the Directorate for Housing Policies and Territorial, Landscape and Urban Planning of the Lazio Region, Professor Fabrizio Cumo, Director of the CITERA Research Center - Sapienza University of Rome, Francesca Calenne, Lazio Innova, Active Network Space & Open Innovation, as well as Sofia Agostinelli and Francesco Muzi, from the Department of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome.

The workshop, which took place in a hybrid form, in the presence but also with a large number of online participants, was aimed primarily at the dissemination of the activities and results achieved with the European project ENERSELVES.

In particular, the "Guidelines for the energy efficiency of residential buildings in the Lazio Region", developed thanks to the ENERSELVES project were presented, as well as the two case studies of the complex of Santa Maria della Pietà and the R5 complex of Tor Bella Monaca in Rome.

The occasion was also useful to present the open innovation workshops related to construction and sustainable living, which the Lazio Region, through its in-house company Lazio Innova, is organizing in these months.

Finally, the issue of digitization processes for the energy efficiency of the heritage already built and existing on the ground was also dealt with.

There were lots of questions and interventions by the students attending, which showed great interest in the topics addressed.