The 5th Interregional meeting of ENERSELVES project, organised by the North-East Regional Development Agency in the city of Iasi, took place during 30-31st January 2018.

The main theme of the meeting was to learn about the creation of sustainable solutions for green buildings with efficient use of energy addressed through national legislation on the energy performance of buildings and how self-consumption is provided in municipal buildings.


The 65 participants showed equal and high interest in the presentation of tools to support the implementation of the nZEB concept (almost zero energy buildings) in Romania and the transition to a sustainable construction park carried out by Dr. Horia Petran, Romanian Green Building Council- National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Territorial Development in Bucharest.

In addition, the 2 projects implemented since 2011 by the Northeast Regional Development Agency were announced. On the one hand, the EFFECT project that deals with energy-efficient public purchases, and the EMPOWERMENT project, related to the empowerment of local public authorities to build integrated sustainable energy strategies.

The Technical University of Iasi "Gheorghe Asachi" presented the project of thermal insulation rehabilitation of 14 buildings of the university campus along with the two new cogeneration units that supplied heating and energy to the entire university. Images of the laboratories of research and development facilities were shown, as well as the physical model or the simulation laboratory of energy systems and models to test energy efficiency, the latter being the only one of its kind in Romania and with a team valued at 1 million euros.

Last but not least, the local public authorities – such as Municipality of Roman and the Commune of Miroslava - presented the investments they have carried out in technologies for producing energy from renewable sources (hydropower, heat pumps, solar panels and photovoltaic panels) in order to provide self-consumption in public buildings, public lighting and for getting the most of the benefits for their own communities.

The meeting included an internal meeting between all the partners of ENERSELVES to put on the table the negotiations and different advances of the project in each region, which was celebrated the following day. In addition, the project partners and stakeholders visited some of the facilities mentioned above where the details of the investments, the funds used, the results obtained and generated a good set of experiences and practices were discussed. the assistants are assisted by technical personnel capable of providing answers and in-depth details to all the questions.

The laboratories visited at the university and Miroslava Photovoltaic Park were the most attractive and showed as being the most interesting objectives to the members of the project consortium and their stakeholders.