On Tuesday 22nd March 2022 the CTU UCEEB Czech Republic hosted the second FINERPOL Interregional Event on Financial Instruments and their use within the regional policies with respect to the post-COVID19 era.
After an introduction speech by project partner Michal Tobias from CTU UCEEB, a short overview of the future programme for energy efficient public buildings was presented by Mr. Jan Kochan from the Czech Ministry of the Environment. The upcoming programme period 2021-2027 should also provide combination of financial instruments together with the EU subsidies for its applicants, mainly public buildings.
During the second part of the meeting the Good Practices were introduced by project partners. Several operational programmes and programmes for supporting the public sector during and after the COVID-19 pandemic were presented as the aim of the FINERPOL project is to collect 15 examples of the Good Practices, from which the best 5 will be included and approved for the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform.
Third part of the Interregional Event belonged to the SWOT Analysis. Project partners and their stakeholders tried to find the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats for using financial instruments in partners’ regions during interactive workshop using the MIRO online tool.
Among the points filled in during the workshop belonged strengths such as “quick support”, “lots of demand”, “EIB loan”, weaknesses as “not subsidies”, “returnable” and “not enough projects”, opportunities as “recovery fund”, “high energy prices” and “lower admin borders”, and the threats such as “inflation rate”, “not as interesting as subsidies” and “economic crisis”.

22 participants from the Czech Republic, Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom joint the FINERPOL online Interregional Event.