Next 9th of June, Interreg EU is hosting the annual event for interregional cooperation: EU, let's cooperate! 

This year, due to the COVID-19 situation, the event is going to be launched online and FINERPOL project results are going to be shared. 

Financial instruments are an important tool to mobilise different sectors and contribute to the post-COVID economic recovery. During the project, the partners looked into the market failures and funding gaps in their regions. In Extremadura, specific financial products were not available for the renovation of buildings. The demand for renovation was low and refurbishment projects were expensive. Drawing from the good practices of other regions, Extremadura is now establishing a portfolio guarantee fund for wide-scale residential building renovation. The case of City of Prague is going to be exhibited as well. 

You cannot miss this opportunity to know better how interregional cooperation has helped to launch interesting financial tools to boost the renovation sector in the participant regions/cities. Also, these financial instruments have become a powerful tool that will support the recovery of these territories after the coronavirus crisis.