Financial instruments are very versatile tools. They can be applied to any sector or used to target any group. And because you can re-use the concept, this makes them ideal to help you boost your regions COVID-19 recovery plan.

Catalysing low-carbon growth

In Extremadura, Spain, FINERPOL is using financial instruments to help homeowners make their buildings more energy efficient. By mobilising the construction industry, they are creating new jobs and contributing to the region’s recovery.

How does it work?

They’ve created a portfolio using European funds to guarantee the financing of wide-scale renovations of residential buildings.

By using 5 MEUR of European funds as guarantee, they’ve mobilised 30 MEUR of private investment.

Listen to how they did it:


The FINERPOL project is looking into ways of using financial instruments to cover the funding gap in building-energy renovation projects. Why not try out their Finermap tool.

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