The director of the Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX), Cosme Segador, has participated as a speaker in the 5th Edition of Forum FICON, held in FEVAL, to present the European projects FINERPOL and REHABILITE. Both projects are led by Extremadura and focused on energy rehabilitation financing.

Segador, who has ensured that both projects are complementary, explained that FINERPOL Project, which belongs to the Interreg Europe call, aims to enable a financing fund for energy rehabilitation investments for housing as well as for the tertiary sector, industry and commerce , mainly.

Furthermore, REHABILITE Project, part of the Interreg Sudoe call, aims to create an advice and training platform for the incorporation of renewable energies in public and private buildings.

In short, these projects also intend to anticipate the possible elimination of European subsidies, which will have to be replaced by new financial instruments.