The University of Western Macedonia (UoWM and formerTEIWM) delivered the proposed financial instrument for the project of the biomass-based district heating system of the municipality of Deskati.

FINERPOL project in Greece will influence the call of the ROPWM2014-2020 which will support “Pilot District heating projects with the utilization of biomass and similar sources of energy for the use of Renewable Energy Technology in Public Buildings of small Municipalities of Western Macedonia”. The amount of the call will reach 3,5 M€.

FINERPOL project’s influence into the call is that it will require from the pilot district heating projects to be accompanied with the preliminary steps for the establishment of innovative Public – Private Partnerships (PPPs) between Municipalities and ESCOs that involve investments on energy efficiency and RES coming from loans and/or private funds for the extension of the District Heating Projects in larger scale.

The UoWM (TEIWM) is already supporting technically one municipality of the region in order to apply successfully to the aforementioned call. On the 13th of May 2019, Dimitris Tsiamitros, on behalf of the UoWM (TEIWM) delivered to the Regional Authority and to the Municipality the proposed optimal FI, which will guide the municipality of Deskati on the optimal procedure for replicating/expanding the pilot district heating system to the whole town of Deskati. However, due to the similarity of all the municipalities in the region, the proposed FI should act as a pilot for other municipalities as well, since it took into account best practices from Europe and one from the region (Amyntaio case of district heating feeding by biomass instead of the lignite fired plants).