FINERPOL project has contributed to the creation of a new Financial Instrument which will enable energy renovation of residential buildings in Extremadura. 

At a first stage of the project, Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) and the rest of the partnership has researched on good practices about funding, where the benefits of financial instruments compared to the traditional subsidy system are shown. 

Also, the partnership has participated in different Interreg Europe enevts, they have created a good practice database (FINERMAP TOOL), and have performed an Ex-Ante study for the creation of Financial Instruments that has detected a market failure and a funding gap at the funding system of Extremadura, which has been blocking energy renovations. 

The Ex Ante study has suggested the creation of a Guarantee Fund as a solution, but the OP didn't allow the use of structural funds through a financial, so the Action Plan for Extremadura was based on the modification of the OP in order to solve this.