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... the Action Plan for the Navarra Region

Thanks to its Action Plan, prepared by the Government of Navarra and AIN, Navarra aims to introduce life cycle instruments in two different policy instruments, Green Public Procurement Plan and its Waste Plan, through two actions.

  • The fundamental objective of the Green Public Procurement Plan, first of its kind in the region, is to reduce the impact derived from public contracting in Navarra, so that the introduction of the environmental variable in the contracts translates into a real reduction in the repercussions on the environment. For this reason, it is intended to support a series of specific actions aimed at promoting the acquisition, by public entities, of goods, works and services with environmental aspects, improving their integration in the contracting processes and facilitating their application and monitoring. Some of the lines of work and planned actions are: training and support for the personnel of contracting entities, market involvement in promoting green public procurement, integration of this type of purchase into existing tools and preparation of support material, or constant communication to make the benefits of this type of contract visible.
  • Calculation of the carbon footprint of household waste in Navarra: by joining the campaign "More Circularity, Less Carbon" initiated by ACR+ and Zero Waste Scotland, the Government of Navarra received support to quantify the whole-life carbon impacts of its municipal waste. Three analysis with data from different years (2016, 2019, 2020) allow the Waste Section of the Government of Navarra to monitor the evolution of greenhouse gases generated in the management of household waste, establish its carbon reduction target for 2025, and draw the appropriate actions for reducing its emissions and achieve this target.

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