The Action Plan on applying the life cycle instruments for resource efficiency and environmental improvement in Lithuania was divided into two actions.

Improvement of the resource efficiency and waste management at regional level by fostering the Eco innovations for the transition to Circular economy. Three steps were taken:

  • merging of institutions participating in the processes of Lithuanian transition to a circular economy and distribution of responsibilities;
  • preparation of the National action plan for the circular economy, which integrates the key areas of the Lithuanian industrial transition to the circular economy roadmap;
  • integration of the National action plan in the policy framework.

The actions were oriented to the following directions:

  • Communication on the Green Public Procurement for awareness raising;
  • Promotion for motivation of the companies and institutions;
  • Consultation for the use of the life cycle tools.

The main idea of the action plan was to strengthen the awareness and implementation on the resource efficiency and public procurement, about the benefits and the procedures in order to foster the qualitative environmental performance.