Since last summer, the Lombardy Region is busy in implementing its Action Plan to bring transformation at local level, through life cycle approach.

Beyond the work which is ongoing to implement the action plan, the project activities are bringing further results.

The project is stimulating the discussion around the LC approach in the Institution, raising the attention on its potentialities.

In particular, the LCA4Regions staff worked with the HR Unit to define a training pathway for regional policy officers on the life cycle approach. Through the dialogue among them and thanks to the involvement of Polis Lombardia, the regional Institute devoted to managing education initiative for the institution, a 4 half-days course was designed and proposed to policy officers. The course was held in April 2023. About 30 people attended the course whit a high level of interest. It proposed an introductory half-day lesson on sustainability and 3 half-day on life cycle approach, with theory and case studies.

Also, this opportunity boosted the attention on LCA. It is going to be considered among the key-tools for running sustainability policies: it is about to be taken into consideration as a main theme of a specific working group of the Regional Observatory on Sustainable development.

In the end, several seeds were spread during the project activities. Many of them are now sprouting.