Pyhäjärvi Institute tells us more about the changes that started to appear in Satakunta following the LCA4Regions Action Plan (

Can you summarize your Action Plan in one or two sentences?

The Action Plan is targeting to build a model for efficient food distribution systems with a guidance through life cycle assessment.

What have you already implemented?

The implementation is progressing by engagement of all relevant stakeholders. In Satakunta over 50 different food distribution organizations have been invited to share ideas, potential obstacles, worries etc., in connections with possible re-organisation of food distribution systems in area. The arranged workshops have developed networking and improved knowledge-sharing and trust between relevant stakeholders.

Do you already have some first evaluation? How are the changes brought by the Action Plan welcomed by the local actors?

Awareness of food re-distribution systems, requirement of food waste reduction in general, and human solidarity issues have been increasing. An important factor to properly implement the action plan and to evaluate potential changes in food distribution systems is identified as the improved interaction between the stakeholders, and mutual trust. At this point, it is expected to improve the possibilities to launch new projects that target improved resource efficiency and resilience through life cycle assessment for food distribution systems.

The project is finishing in six months, do you already know if you will follow-up on the Action Plan? How?

Yes, the evaluation process for the new food re-distribution systems is continuing, and a new project plan to engage LCA for the next three years is under development.