KilometroVerdeParma is a concrete, widespread, tangible project aimed at creating permanent green areas and woods in Parma and its province.

The project was born in the summer of 2015 with the aim of creating a green corridor along the A1 motorway that crosses the city of Parma:  a forest of shrubs and trees that is going to work as a barrier against CO2 emissions coming from one of the busiest European motorway sections.

From this first circumscribed idea, KilometroVerdeParma has evolved and expanded, becoming a great reforestation project that involves public and private entities and companies along with common people.

In May 2020, the KilometroVerdeParma Consortium was officially created: a non-profit organization that deals with the definition, implementation, management, development and promotion of the KilometroVerdeParma project according to precise guidelines.

Everyone can be part of it, regardless of whether they are landowners or not. A small garden to plant a tree or some free time dedicated to the project would be enough to contribute.

The inspiration comes from the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda for 2030:

  • making cities and communities safe, inclusive, resilient and sustainable (Goal 11);
  • taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impact (Goal 13);
  • promoting sustainable management of forests and terrestrial ecosystem resources (Goal 15). 

Making nature a structural element of our cities and treating plants as our fellow citizens: an ambitious dream in which POTEnT Italian partner, the Municipality of Parma, is playing a leading and inspirational role.