POTEnT Final Conference is going to happen soon! In a bit more than a month, all partners will gather in Paris for the final event after 3 and a half years of cooperation.

A lively and interactive event, where plenary sessions and parallel workshops follow each others to share the incredible wealth of knowledge acquired over years of POTEnT implementation.

After the opening and official welcome made by André Crocq, Regional Councillor for Brittany Climate, transitions and biodiversity, and Bruno Paris and Marie-Laure Lamy, President and Director of ALOEN, and a presentation of Brume Delaunay about Interreg Europe, which co-financed POTEnT project, the conference programme will reach the heart with a policy debate where the speakers and the audience will discuss the future EU energy priorities.

After a short break, another plenary discussion will give insights about Energy communities, seen as examples of cooperation towards more democracy and sharing: speakers from Germany, Spain and the UK will review the situation in the respective countries, providing case studies and stories on how it actually has already happened.

In the afternoon, 3 different session will explore other examples and best practices from the participating regions: one-stop-shops, carbon neutral energy districts, green roofs, Solar-PV and hydrogen are just few examples of how local authorities can make energy transition happen. At the end of the conference, Hélène Gassin, President of “negaWatt”, will give a keynote speech about resilient cities.

A lot of food for thought for the participants, that will inspire everyone to improve energy transition policies at local level

Keep follow us to know more about POTEnT final conference!