A milestone on the way in this direction is the local heating project "Musikerviertel - zeozweifrei im Quartier". The planned densification and further expansion of this heating network were the subject of a survey among the neighbourhood residents. The results obtained in this way flow directly into the municipal heating plan, for which a geodata system was set up under the leadership of the Energy and Environment Agency of the Karlsruhe District (UEA).

In further steps, the planning and prioritisation of measures for the heat supply of Ettlingen's neighbourhoods and districts as well as the information and participation of citizens are planned. The steps towards the energy transition are complex and socially sustainable solutions can only be found together. Furthermore, a scenario is being developed that describes the future supply structure, the heating demand and its coverage with renewable energies.

Due to the informative exchange with POTEnT partners, Ettlingen was able to benefit from best practices and strategies from other cities. For example, the benefits of a municipal heating plan and already proven technical practices from the municipality of Växjö in Sweden help in planning their own strategies and techniques in this area.

Progress is also emerging in e-mobility. Internally, the acquisition of e-cars is a priority where it makes sense. The charging infrastructure in Ettlingen has been optimised by relocating less frequented stations to more attractive locations in the city. The same applies to the e-car sharing vehicles. Urban areas with high demand will receive more charging stations. In connection with the electrification of the bus fleet of our regional transport companies, we have benefited from the know-how of the POTEnT partner Pamplona, capital of the Spanish province of Navarra.

The Bürgerenergiegenossenschaft Karlsruhe Ettlingen eG and the Stadtwerke Ettlingen continue to play a decisive role in the expansion of renewable electricity generation. The current output of the PV plants of the Bürgerenergiegenossenschaft Karlsruhe Ettlingen eG is just at nearly 1,900 kWp. Stadtwerke Ettlingen will play a supporting role in the further expansion of renewable electricity generation on roof surfaces of Ettlingen's commercial and industrial enterprises by taking over the planning and operation of possible PV plants.