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Capacity building in the heart of the Food Valley


POTEnT consortium will be finally able to meet in person, after two years !! do...

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Time to (w)RAP up in Pamplona!


Pamplona City Council presents its Regional Action Plan proposal to its...

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MK Council helps local businesses become greener


MK City Council invests £70,000 to help local businesses become greener

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Ostrava to reduce its CO2 output by 2030 by 55%


During February session, Ostrava approved the City’s commitment to achieving a...

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Milton Keynes presents the Carbon Offset Fund


A Carbon Neutrality accelerator to make energy transition initiatives easier and...

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Sustainable heat production in Ettlingen


Sustainable heat production and distribution: here is a bright example coming...

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Milton Keynes carbon footprint down by a third


A new report has shown Milton Keynes Council is on track to become carbon zero...

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Ettlingen: social participation in energy transition


BürgerEnergiegenossenschaft Karlsruhe Ettlingen eG (BEG): in Ettlingen the key...

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Parma's alliance for carbon neutrality is 1-year-old


Parma Carbon Neutrality Alliance is about to celebrate its birthday by launching...

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Actimmo: Energy Renovation And Real Estate


In order to support the mobilisation of real estate professionals, the CLER -...

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A day dedicated to energy in Plomeur


On 30 November, the town of Plœmeur organized, in collaboration with ALOEN, a...

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3 questions to... Milton Keynes


The partner in the spotlight for this interview is Milton Keynes City Council,...

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