Älghult will be first in Sweden having a filling station for cars and trucks using green hydrogen produced with electricity from a nearby wind turbine. The interest was great when Energikontor Syd organized a study visit to Älghult to take a closer look at Uppvidinge Vätgas' facility.

What is unique about Älghult is that they have the entire value chain from a wind turbine whose electricity is converted into hydrogen via an electrolyser, located next to the wind turbine. The hydrogen is transported a few kilometres to central Älghult, where a filling station for hydrogen-powered vehicles is being completed. The filling station will supply hydrogen with two different pressures so that both hydrogen cars and heavier vehicles can fill up.

- It's a bit of a chicken or an egg when it comes to green hydrogen for vehicles, says Jan Blad, one of the founders of Uppvidinge Vätgas. No one buys hydrogen cars if they can't be refuelled, and no one builds filling stations if they don't sell hydrogen vehicles. Someone must start, and we have done that here in Älghult.

The study visit attracted about forty participants from both Kronoberg and neighbouring counties, who got to listen to presentations from Uppvidinge Vätgas and Mariestad municipality. They got to visit the wind turbine with the adjacent hydrogen production and take a closer look at the filling station with all the required safety measures.

The hydrogen project in Älghult is one of the initiatives in Kronoberg county that Energikontor Syd has followed through the POTEnT project (2019–2023). Green hydrogen will be a part of the long-term goal for 2050 that Kronoberg should be an energy-plus county