To be effective, energy renovation must be conceived in a global manner: the purchase is therefore a good time to undertake renovation. Real estate agents, bank advisors, brokers and notaries are key players in meeting national energy transition objectives.

In order to support the mobilisation of these professionals, the CLER - Network for Energy Transition has developed a specific programme called "Actimmo" in which ALOEN has participated for the year 2020-2021.

1/ What is Actimmo?

Actimmo is a CEE (energy saving certificate) programme run at national level. It is deployed locally by 28 organisations (FAIRE* network members such as ALOEN) and local authorities, working for the energy transition.

*FAIRE is a public service that guides individuals in their energy renovation work (help in choosing the most suitable work, estimating the necessary budget and obtaining financial aid)

Actimmo is based on a methodology developed in three stages:

• To approach real estate professionals to promote the public service of information and advice to individuals on energy renovation carried out by the members of the FAIRE network.

Train them on the issues of energy-efficient renovation as part of their advisory role.

Establish sustainable partnerships between the real estate actors and local organisations to facilitate energy renovation.

2/ Actimmo in a few key figures?


Number of organisations implementing the programme284 (Local energy agencies)
Population covered by the programme (inhabitants)13 000 000770 000
Number of bank branches mobilised and sensitised4200372
Number of real estate agencies mobilised and sensitised4500351
Number of notary chambers mobilised and sensitised22


3/ After one year, what is the interest of Actimmo?

We were able to inform the agencies we met about the existence and missions of the two one-stop shops (Maison du Logement in Auray and the Espace Info Habitat in Lorient). We were able to explain to them how our professions complement each other for buyers because of their respective knowledge.

We have also created a bond of trust through our training courses and answers to questions they have on current renovation issues. We have even gone so far as to build 13 partnership charters between ALOEN, Lorient Agglomération and the agencies).