The Regional Action Plan (RAP) of Milton Keynes City Council focuses on three key actions:

- increasing building insulation across MK

- supporting the development of green business networks

- promoting green roofs.

Increasing building Insulation is an important aspect of adapting to reducing our dependence on gas to heat buildings. Over the winter of 2021/22 we worked with citizens on a pilot project for insulation guidance for private sector homes. Using a grant from a district network operator, 23 ‘house types’ were surveyed for heat loss. The home owners were provided with reports on building fabric improvements necessary to make the houses ready for a heat pump alternative to gas boilers. Milton Keynes City Council is working on sharing the results of the different house surveys along with an insulation guide with all Milton Kynes citizens. This will provide citizens with a starting point of reducing energy demand by improving insulation. 

Green Business networks are another target area of the Action Plan. Financial support from central government has allowed MK businesses to be helped along the road to sustainability. 

Green Roofs feature in our Action Plan. Milton Keynes has a demonstration green roof on the Saxon Court building. The POTEnT project has provided a seminar on green roofs for parishes and councillors to learn about the benefits of green roofs: keeping bees, growing vegetables and providing additional community space.