On Friday 17th of February, POTEnT partners met online for the first time in 2023, sharing what happened after the official end of phase 2 in July 2022 and planning what will happen in the next few months. The main topics of the meeting were the Regional Action Plans (RAP) monitoring and the organisation of the Final Conference.

The RAP implementation in each partner region is well on track. As all partners are busy with the implementation of the activities and monitoring their Action Plans, many progresses have happened in all partner regions. During a lively session dedicated to interregional learning, the 8 partners analysed the status of their RAP, highlighting the implementation status for each planned action.

Another key topic duscussed during the meeting was the organisation of the great event that will show what all partners learnt from the interregional cooperation: the final conference will be held in Paris on the 20th of April, at the “Maison de la Bretagne” premises. The event will gather all the partners and stakeholders, and will feature high-level speakers coming from the partnership and beyond.

The event will be opened by André Crocq, Regional Councillor for Brittany Climate, transitions and biodiversity, and from the President and Director of ALOEN – POTEnT lead partner - Bruno Paris and Marie-Laure Lamy. The programme will feature different workshops and sessions, where the speakers and the audience will be able to discuss how local authorities are dealing with energy transition and how projects like energy communities, one-stop-shops for energy information and renewable energy production can be driven by the public sector and involve citizens.

More info about the conference and the final programme will be shared soon!