The overall objective of TITTAN Interreg Europe project (Network for Technology, Innovation and Translation in Ageing), is to tackle the challenge of active and healthy ageing by improving the quality and performance of the European regional healthcare systems. Partners from 7 European regions: Galicia (lead partner), Basque Country, Scotland, the city of Almere, Lombardy, Saxony and Lower Silesia participate in the project.

The Final Conference is one of  the most important milestones for the Interreg Europe projects. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances due to Covid-19, we will carry out our dissemination event online.

We have organized it in the framework of the implementation phase and aims at communicating the outputs, the results, and the impact of TITTAN in all the partner regions during the project’s implementation to stakeholders and other relevant policymakers. 

The High-level dissemination event of the TITTAN Interreg Europe project will be held online on 1 December 2020, 12:00 - 14:15 CET.


12:00 - 12:20 Welcome + Presentation of the Interreg Europe Programme (Interreg Europe Joint Secretariat)

12:20 - 13:00 Overview of the TITTAN project

    • Project overview (José María Romero - ACIS, Lead partner)

    • Regions4PerMed project (Gianni D'Errico - International Project Officer of Toscana Life Sciences, Regions4PerMed Project)

    • Basque Country in situ visit to Scotland, “the road not taken” (Igor Zabala - Head of Integrated Care and Chronicity Service in the Basque Health Service Osakidetza & Irati Erreguerena)

13:00 - 14:10 TITTAN project main results

    • Boosting the competitiveness of our regional health-sector businesses or entities (Galicia - José María Romero, Galician Health Knowledge Agency ACIS; Almere - Wytse Miedema, City of Almere; Saxony - Olaf Mueller, Healthy Saxony)

    • Interreg Cooperation for better solutions in the Health systems (Basque Country - Xabier Elcoroaristizabal, Basque Foundation for Health Research and Innovation BIOEF; Scotland - Kara Mackenzie/Janette Hughes, Digital Health & Care Institute DHI and Matt-Mouley Bouamrane, University of Edinburgh)

    • Solutions to support collaboration, training and innovation on Active and Healthy Ageing (Lombardy - Paola Bello & Marcello De Amico, Regional Foundation for Biomedical Research FRRB, Lower Silesia - Antoni Zwiefka, Lower Silesian Marshall Office)

14:10 - 14:15 Closure of the event