On the 21st of June the TITTAN COVID19 partners were joined by over 23 stakeholders from across Europe for the third workshops showcasing and exploring the responses in the field of the patient empowerment within the framework of the COVID19 pandemic.

Hosted by the Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research (BIOEF) (https://www.bioef.org/es/), in the Basque Country. This third workshop explored the responses sharing experiences and learnings around the patient empowerment. The good practices tackled were:

Saxony region - Germany

    • Video consultation with assistance. Corina Röllig and Ulrike Sobzcak project managers at Carus Consilium Sachsen GmbH.

Basque Country

    • Osasun Eskola, educational materials. Begoña Belarra. Technical Responsible of Osasun Eskola. Osakidetza.

    • Active Patient - online modality by COVID19. Lourdes Ochoa de Retana. Head of the Paziente Bizia-Active Patient Programme. Osakidetza Sub-Directorate for Primary Care Coordination. Osakidetza

    • Basque Country - Health Council. Raquel Roca. Head of the Programme.

    • Piloting of video consultations. Igor Zabala, Head of Integration of Care and Chronicity Service (SIAC). Osakidetza

    • Case study. Videoconsultations in Osaren. Sergio Resino Santamaría. Head of Healthcare Applications. Sub-Directorate for IT and Information Systems. General Directorate Osakidetza


    • DYNAMIC-SCOT COPD. Professor David Lowe, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

    • Connecting Scotland. Silke Mehgrott, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations


   • Best practices in community pharmacies during the pandemic, presented by Héctor Castro Bernardino, President of the Official Pharmacists´ College of A Coruña

    • Management of security equipment in times of covid 19: challenges and solutions. Martín Cribeiro González, Head of Procurement Service. General Directorate of Economic Resources at SERGAS

Lombardy region - Italy

       • Lombardy – Organisation and Patients engagement Women's Health Association. Paolla Bello. Project Officer. Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica

    • Redesigning Volunteer Intervention Practices in Oncology - Volunteering 3.0. Marcello De Amico. Project Officer. Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica

Next Steps

After the exchange of Good Practices and some very interesting discussions in the Q&A sessions the lead partner from the Galician Health Knowledge Agency closed the event and outlined the next steps and the plan for the final event of the project

The workshop can be viewed here:


TITTAN COVID19 Project Partners

The TITTAN COVID19 Project Partners are:

    • Galician Health and Knowledge Agency (Lead),

    • Basque Foundation for Health, Research and Innovation,

    • Regionl Foundation for Biomedical Research,

    • Healthy Saxony,

    • Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre