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An app to fight illegal dumping


Antwerp is successfully implementing its first action, Image Recognition for...

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EMULSA recruits volunteers within pilot PAYT study


EMULSA starts the volunteer recruitment campain to know the quantity and...

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EMULSA looks to extend pruning waste collection


Seeing the success of the pilot project of pruning and mowing waste collection,...

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EMULSA evaluates pruning waste collection


EMULSA has been collecting mowing and pruning waste in 60 containers. Results...

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Jump on board for a less-waste world


The EWWR will present its 13th edition during #EURegionsweek. Join the event...

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EMULSA recruits volunteers for its pilot payt


EMULSA started the recruitment of volunteers to join its pilot project of PAYT.

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Pop-up container reaches Maribor


Maribor delivers on its Action Plan with the organisation of a pop-up container!

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Italian students discovered WINPOL


A group of 15 Italian student visited EMULSA to learn about European projects,...

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Gijón, Maribor, and Crete endorse their Action Plan


Discover the details of three Action Plans: Gijón, Maribor, and the Region of...

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Gijón welcomes the PAYT test with interest


EMULSA hold a press conference to explain the pilot project for a study for the...

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A digital waste management?


The European Environement Agency released a briefing on digital technologies and...

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Guidelines on waste collection include COVID section


COLLECTORS updated its guidelines on waste collection to include a new part on...

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